What is “Artisanal Ice”?

What is “Artisanal Ice”?

Ice generally comes in two varieties – the one that cools your drink, and the one that ruins your life. In what many are calling the “latest luxury trend” though, the cooling variety has just gotten cooler. Enter Artisanal Ice.

So what is “Artisanal Ice”?

Put simply, it’s fancy ice cubes. Insanely fancy ice cubes.

“Artisan Ice” is meticulously crafted cubes of ice. The crafting process starts with specially filtered water that is frozen into giant 100kg+ blocks, stored in custom built and conditioned ice sheds and then cut by hand (or “harvested”, as they say – seriously) and served up into the finest cocktails.

Sound over the top? Watch the video below from Texan Ice House, Half Step, below and see for yourself:

Why would you spend money on that?

Apparently, it’s better. Customers of Artisan Ice bars have been known to get upset when supplies run out and according to the people behind the bars there’s good reason. Artisanal Ice melts slower, is much clearer, looks nicer and and produces a better tasting drink.

That’s why it can cost as much as $1 per cube.

*Wait, wait wait* That is pricey, but before you get all troll-y in the comments, it’s worth noting that ‘a cube’ is not your average cube – a single one can do you for a whole cocktail. And because its one large block, rather than lots of little ones, it also won’t water down your drink as quickly – making it more enjoyable for longer.

This blogger is yet to try it, but if the rumours are true then I wouldn’t mind forking out an extra dollar on the odd occasion. Hell, bottled water sells for more than petrol these days, so who am I to stick my nose up at ice for a buck a block.

How do I get some?

I expect it’s not the kind of thing that travels well, so you probably shouldn’t search for it on eBay. The only real way to get it is to go to a special bar that serves Artisanal Ice.

Such bars seem to only exist in the United States for the time being, like Second State for example. At this stage, it doesn’t look like there are any in Australia, though if there were I’d put my money in finding them in Newtown, Bondi or Melbourne. Tell me if you find one!

Have you tried an Artisan Ice cocktail? want to try one? Tell me in the comments!

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