5 YouTube Channels everyone should be watching IMHO

5 YouTube Channels everyone should be watching IMHO

I watch a lot of YouTube (Like A LOT of it!). And it’s taken me a long time to find many of the channels I watch regularly, so in the spirit of sharing being caring I’ve put together a list of 5 channels I think everyone should be watching.

Good Mythical Morning
The hilarious YouTube duo, Rhett & Link, talk about… that.

Find the answers to questions you never even thought to ask, like this one…

Idea Channel
This is where the Internet’s best comments/discussions are. And no, Math doesn’t exist.

Crash Course
Learn everything – Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, History, EVERYTHING!

Last Week Tonight
John Oliver tackles some of the World’s toughest issues, like nuclear weapons and net neutrality, with zero jargon and a hostile attitude.

What do you think: Like the Channels above? Have Channels you think I should watch? Tell me in the comments below!

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