5 reasons why RockMelt will; Rock your world and/or Melt your face

5 reasons why RockMelt will; Rock your world and/or Melt your face

RockMelt is kind of a big deal. Last year it was Twitter’s 8th biggest technology trending topic and it’s been gaining momentum since. It’s the toughest kid on the browser block and its ready to punch Firefox in the face and steal Safari’s lunch money.

Web browsers are free and because of that most people don’t have the motivation to switch to a better one, which is the sole reason I think Internet Explorer has survived extinction. However, the more we browse the web, the more we notice the little differences; the things that could be better. Things like social, search and speed.

It’s all the little differences that make RockMelt a BIG deal. Here are five reasons why Rockmelt will; Rock your world and/or melt your face:

1.    Social Integration: Twitter and Facebook

Say goodbye to Tweetdeck, Seesmic and Twirl. RockMelt builds your Facebook and Twitter accounts directly into the web browser. Your news feeds for both sites are available on the right hand side of the browser, and Facebook chat on the left.

2.   Simple sharing

This is one of those features where it’s like, “I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this sooner”. A single button, next to the URL bar that lets you share the page you’re currently on through Facebook and twitter.

3.   It’s Fast!

RockMelt is built on the latest version Google Chrome, so it’s super speedy! This also means that you can install all the plugins, games and themes from the Chrome Web Store.

4.   All the RSS you can eat

The right hand panel can also stock the all news feeds you want, and will display instant notifications when a new story is posted.

5.   Google quick reference

You’ll no longer need to go to a new page or a new tab when looking at Google search results. Googling in RockMelt gives you a quick reference pane so that you don’t have to leave your current page.

If you can still read this, get your melted face together and try it for yourself. RockMelt is a free download and you can get it here.

You’re welcome.

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