Why 3DS racing games don’t work

Why 3DS racing games don’t work

I bought a 3DS on launch day. I did it mostly because I’m a Legend of Zelda tragic, but also because I was really keen to experience glasses-less 3D gaming. I got several games with it, to hold me over until the Zelda 3DS June release, and I’ve started noticing it a big problem with them…

The 3D on Nintendo’s 3DS looks fantastic, but the big problem is that you have to be facing the 3DS dead on for it to work. Now, this isn’t much of an issue when you’re playing RPG or a fighting type games, but it becomes a HUGE issue when playing racing games.

Why? Like many people, when I play racing games my body instinctively moves in sync with the car on screen – eg if I make a right turn in the game, my whole body angles slightly to the right. This means that when you’re playing a racing game on 3DS and you make a turn you’ll no longer be facing the 3DS head on and hence won’t be able to see what’s on the screen.

I’ve been playing Pilotwings Resort for the last couple of weeks and had to switch the 3D off for this exact reason. With 3D OFF I can fly through rings, put out fires and glide around the resort island with ease. With 3D ON I frequently end up crashing into windmills, bridges and occasionally mountains.

3DS RPG’s look awesome, but my advice is if you’re into racing games don’t get a 3DS yet.

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  1. :D I remember the days when i played Super Mario for the first time. Everytime I had to jump, i also “jumped with my hands” and liftet the controller. Later, when I played Lotus on the Amiga, i also moved with the car.
    Fortunately this isn’t a problem anymore. Poor you. ;D

  2. Um, actually racing games work really well with the 3DS. I spent 30+ hours playing Ridge Racer 3D with the 3D on max and I had no problem. It’s my favorite 3DS game.

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